Use and purpose

Filters can be use in wood, chemistry, pharmaceutical industry, cement plants, steel works, foundries, incinerators, paint shops, grinders, welding, metalworking … in short where delicate floating particles and aerosols are present in the airborne working process.

This category also includes filters for dust extraction, oil mist removal and all air filters used in air purification in industrial processes in the process part or for the protection of employees and the environment.

Filter cartridges

ECOFIL® pleated products are manufactured from range of  non-woven filter media that perform welll in many different filter enviroments. To further enhance the performance of these media, they can be supplied with special chemical dispersions providing oleophobic and hydrophobic properties. Anti-static media are available to give protection against explosion and PTFE laminated surface media are available which allow almost zero emissions. For gas turbine applications we offer blended cellulose pleated products


We offer different kinds of filter cartridges:

  • Cylindrical cartridge
  • Bayonet cartridge
  • Cartridge with thread
  • Panel cartridge
  • And many other types

Filter bags for industrial dedusting

  • Tubular filter bag
  • Flat filter bags
  • Filter bag with snap ring/steel ring
  • Channel filter bags
  • Filter bag for silos
  • A lot of other type

Filter bags for industrial dedusting are used in the following productions:

  • Chemical industry
  • Wood industry
  • Steelworks
  • Cement industry
  • Asphalt plant
  • Pharmacy industry
  • And many other…