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Filter media

Prefilters for high dust concentrations. Air ventilation and air conditioning plant with low requirements for air quality. Ventilation of sheds, for example in the steel and iron industry. Prefilters for air conditioning and ventilation. Filters for ventilation plants in the processing industry, for example…

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Filter cells

Ecofil filter cells are made of highly efficient filter medium that ensures low pressure differences. For the demanding pre-filtration, straight or pleated versions which enables high air-flow rate and a greater dust holding capacity than the flat version because the surface is up to triple that of…

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Bag filters

Ecofil bag filters are used as pre-filters in the ventilation systems. Filter medium is made of synthetic fibers which are formed into air tight filter bags and mounted into the frame. A large filter surface enables a high dust holding capacity of the bags and allows smooth air flow with low pressure…

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Compact filters

Compact filters are mini-pleated filters with compact, space-saving construction, characterised by their high filtration characteristics offering low pressure drop. The glass fiber filter medium guarantees high dust retention and constant efficiency. The technology guarantees sustainability…

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EPA, HEPA and ULPA filters are designed to meet requirements of very fine filtration up to 0,3 micron and can be used to remove almost 100% (up to high efficiency of 99.99 %.) of impurities from the air. They can be used in hospitals, operation rooms, intensive care units, laboratories, in the…

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Filters for recuperators

We offer filters for different recuperators upon request. Good recuperation together with filtration will take your living to a new level. Various designs, dimensions and filtration efficiencies are available. Nowadays, residential and commercial buildings are increasingly widespread…

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