Filter media

ISO Coarse in ISO ePM filtration

Filter media are divided into media (materials) that belong to the primary or fine filtration. In the past, they were known under the codes G2 – G4 and M5 – F9, but since the ISO 16890 standard is in force, they are known under the code Coarse % or. ePM10-1 %.

So called lower class filter media, are used for prefilters for high dust concentrations such as air ventilation and air conditioning plant with low requirements for air quality. Ventilation of sheds, for example in the steel and iron industry, prefilters for air conditioning and ventilation, filters for ventilation plants in the processing industry, for example to ventilate engine rooms or to protect machine technology, prefilters to protect high-efficiency filter devices. They are also used for pre and final filters to separate fine dusts in air handling units and in industrial and commercial fields which require a high purity of air. Shopping centers, restaurants, assembly rooms, ventilation of sensitive machine technology, medical clinics, wards of hospitals, automotive industry and laboratories.