Filter cells

ISO Coarse in ISO ePM filtration

Ecofil filter cells are made of highly efficient filter medium that ensures low pressure differences. For the demanding pre-filtration, straight or pleated versions which enables high airflow rate and a greater dust holding capacity than the flat version because the surface is up to triple that of the ordinary ones. It causes lower velocity through the filter medium and smaller pressure differences. The energy costs are, therefore, essentially lower. The use of impermeable “hot-melt” gluing in some models creates maximum sealing between the filter medium and filter frame and thus enables air-flow also on the edges of the filter. The sharp “V” form of the plisse enables the maximum depth effect.

All Ecofil filter cells are sold in standard and nonstandard sizes, and in various thicknesses. Different types of frames enable reliable sealing, high stiffness and dimensional stability as well as the possibility of residue-free incineration. Filter cells are moisture-proof, waterproof and microbiologically inert. The use of fully synthetic materials in compliance with VDI 6022 enables a perfect hygienic filter operation. The filter media are free of binders, solvents or color agents.